Basalt film
produces socially relevant documentaries of high artistic quality for national and international cinema and television.

Basalt Film (2012) is a Rotterdam based production company. Basalt Film is NAPA and DAE member. Simone van den Broek founded Basalt Film in 2012 and produced 20 documentaries over the years. In March 2021, Eline took over when Simone left the company take the position of filmconsultant documentary for The Netherlands Film Fund.

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Eline van Wees
Studied and graduated Art & Media Management at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. Eline van Wees has more than twelve years of experience in the production of documentaries, the past seven years as a freelance documentary line producer for various film companies in the Netherlands. Eline has been working for Basalt Film since it was founded in 2012 and line produced all Basalt Film's productions over the past years. She's a staff member at Basalt Film since 2015. She extends her involvement in the creative development and realization in the capacity of junior producer.

Sterre van der Spek
Sterre studied Media, Information and Communication with a specialization in audiovisual media, and graduated with her short documentary about youth and their view on the naked body. In 2020 she started at Basalt Film as an intern. Since 2022 she joined Eline van Wees as a junior producer.