The Interpreter / De Vertolker (NL)
A film by ReneÉ van der Ven

Fadil is an Iraqi refugee who works as a telephone interpreter. From his attic room he translates calls between refugees and government agencies. At the start of every contact, he says: ‘I am your interpreter, I am impartial and will not interfere with this conversation.’ Even though Fadil lives in the Netherlands with his family, he knows people who still reside in war zones. How does it affect him when the witnessing of these conversations confront him with various dilemmas and let him relive his own past?

Screenings and media
Premiere at NEDERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL - September 23rd 2017 - Utrecht, The Netherlands
DOCAVIV - International Competition for Short Films - 17-26 May 2018 - Tel Aviv, Israël
IT'S ALL TRUE - Shorts Competition - 12-22 April 2018 - São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Interpreter was broadcasted on television in 2018.


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Additional information
Realized within the framework of Teledoc Campus with KRO-NCRV.
Teledoc Campus is a coöperation of CoBO, Dutch Filmfund and Dutch Cultural Media Fund.
In cooperation with Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland, TVcN.

Length: 25 minutes.

DIRECTOR Reneé van der Ven
EDITOR Riekje Ziengs
CAMERA Peter Lataster
SOUND Tim van Peppen, Benny Jansen, Gertjan Miedema
SOUND DESIGN Tim van Peppen
COLORGRADING Xandra ter Horst
COPRODUCER Jelle Peter de Ruiter (KRO-NCRV), Yolande van der Blij (KRO-NCRV)
PRODUCER Simone van den Broek (Basalt Film), Eline van Wees (Basalt Film)