Rawer / Rauwer (NL)
a film by Anneloek Sollart

Since he was five years old, Tom has only eaten raw food. Uncooked, unheated food. His mother wants him to. She believes in the raw food diet, which she says is the healthiest lifestyle.

The hospital has determined that Tom is seriously malnourished. The mother has been reported for child neglect. Should she be allowed to continue feeding Tom a raw food diet, or should the authorities intervene?

Screenings and media
Rawer is selected for Dutch Competition at IDFA, Film Selection IDFA 2012.


in the media
De Volkskrant about Rawer - 15 June 2015
NRC about Rawer - 18 December 2012
Rawer in the Docupdate - 3 August 2020

Additional information
Broadcaster NCRV.
With financial support of Dutch Cultural Media Fund and Stichting Kinderpostzegels
Length: 55 minutes.

DIRECTOR Anneloek Sollart
EDITING Caroline Hoeberechts Uppercut
CAMERA Suzan van Steenwijk, Diana Mosterd
SOUND Sander den Broeder, Benny Jansen, Wouter Velthuis, Erik Leek, Wim Bos
MUSIC Het Paleis van Boem
MIXING Sander den Broeder
COLOUR CORRECTION & IMAGING Jef Grosfeld, Loods, Lux & Lumen
GRAPHICS Antenna-Men / Yvo Zijlstra
POST PRODUCTION Laurent Fluttert
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Renske Meertens, Sophie Vijgen
PRODUCTION NCRV Yolande van der Blij
FINAL EDITING NCRV Jelle Peter de Ruiter
PRODUCER: Simone van den Broek
PRODUCED BY Basaltfilm, Picos de europa, i.c.w. NCRV