The Underground Astronaut
Part of Ammodo documentary series / by Marleine van der Werf

Since she was a child, evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers has been fascinated by the invisible world beneath our feet. The fungal networks that determine how plants and trees on earth will nutrients above ground.

In this underground marketplace it is a life-and-death struggle that Toby and her team try to map to raise awareness about the importance of this ancient, yet sometimes hundreds of miles of creature: the fungus.

In the coming year, the evolutionary biologist will embark one of her greatest voyage of discovery yet. Kiers and her team will map all the fungi in the world. As a scientist and an activist, Toby beliefs that this challenging study that will determine the climate.

The Underground Astronaut is part of a documentary series nitiated by and in collaboration with Stichting Ammodo. Stichting Ammodo is convinced that artists and scientists can see things that others can’t (yet). They belief these insights make an important contribution to the renewal of society.

DIRECTOR Marleine van der Werf
PRODUCER Basalt Film


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