To the Moon and Back
a film by Sara Kolster

Since the death of her sister Bo, Kess has lived in a house full of memories. When Kess goes to high school for the first time and makes new friends, she is confronted with the question of whether to tell about her sister's death or whether she wants to keep this to herself.

To the Moon and Back shows the impact of loss at a young age through the eyes of a younger sister whose life goes on. While Kess is being followed in the transition to a new phase in her life, for the first time she is given the opportunity to shape her own story, based on animations that reflect her memories and thoughts.

Additional information
In coproduction with Human.
With financial support of NPO Fund and Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Rouw.

To the Moon and Back was developed within the framework of Kids & Docs.

To the Moon and Back (Wolkenzusje in Dutch) premiered with Kids & Docs at Cinekid Festival on October 19th 2019. 
To the Moon and Back is selected for IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs. For screenings during IDFA and tickets, see their website.

EDITING Riekje Ziengs
ANIMATION Tonke Koppelaar, Sara Kolster
CAMERA Rogier Timmermans
HIGH SPEED CAMERA Benjamin Sparschuh
SOUND Anneloes Pabbruwee, Erik Leek
MUSIC Roald van Oosten
MASTERING Jan Jaap Kuiper
PRODUCTION Anouk Houtman
PRODUCER HUMAN Willemien van Aalst, Bert Janssens
PRODUCER BASALT FILM Simone van den Broek, Eline van Wees

 Presskit To the Moon and Back
 Presskit Wolkenzusje