Bosnian Girl
a film by Tea Tupajić

The interaction between human actions determines the historical process. That is why individual decisions are of great importance. - Hans Blom (NIOD)

A young Bosnian woman from Sarajevo, now theatre director, faces her past. She spends a night in the Netherlands with Dutchbat veterans in an empty theatre, from sunset to sunrise; The Dark Session. To what extent are we able to process a past that has marked and chained us together with the other person.

Additional information
In coproduction with EOdocs.
With financial support of NPO Fund.
In collaboration with Frascati Theater Amsterdam.

Release 2020.

DIRECTOR Tea Tupajić
CAMERA Jean Counet
SOUND Marc Schmidt
GAFFER Dick Merx, Aaron Homma, Evert Bazuin
EDITOR Albert Markus