Displaced Pieces
A film by Catherine van Campen

'Displaced Pieces' is a spy story centered around the young Lebanese artist Rayyane Tabet. He was born in Lebanon, but his family history is closely linked to a famous archeological site in Syria: Tell Halaf. Tell Halaf was discovered in 1889 by the German diplomat Max von Oppenheim, who Tabet’s great-grandfather served as a secretary. At the same time, his great-grandfather was on a secret mission: gathering information on the excavations, spying for the government in Beirut. Working at the intersection of storytelling, sculpture and architecture, Rayyane Tabet takes this extraordinary story to the 21st century.

Mirroring Tabet's work, ‘Displaced Pieces’ unravels a story of war, deconstruction and reconstruction through art. The film almost intuitively raises questions about belonging - both on a personal level as well as in the context of the contemporary art world.

Tabet’s work is currently being exhibited at the Metropolitan Musem of Art (MET) in New York.

Additional information
In collaboration with Ammodo and Uur van de Wolf.

Release spring 2020.