The Security Guards / De Beveiligers (NL)
A film by Anneloek Sollart

Security cameras watch over the streets and public transportation in our cities. Our politicians are protected day and night, and a future terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a real possibility. Security seems natural — and, above all, necessary. But are security guards capable of guaranteeing our safety, or do they only give us a false sense of security? Five guards, including Geert Wilder’s personal security guard, let our cameras in on their work, where we discover the impact that the threat of danger — and even terrorism — has on their daily lives.

This film will leave you with something to think about, and a lingering sense of unease.


 EPK De Beveiligers

in the media
Security guard Jory at NPO Radio 5 
De Volkskrant on The Security Guards - 1 November 2018
Director Anneloek Sollart at Rotteram Late Night - 1 November 2018
Director Anneloek Sollart at BNR - 2 November 2018
Director Anneloek Sollart at Spijkers met Koppen (vanaf 01:15) - 3 November 2018
The Security Guard in Goedemorgen Nederland - 5 November 2018

Additional information
Winner documentary contest about fear KRO-NCRV.
Selected for Doc Impactprogram 2018.
Premiere: November 5th 2018 at LantarenVenster Rotterdam.

DIRECTOR Anneloek Sollart
CAMERA Jean Counet
ADDITIONAL CAMERA Mick van Dantzig, Eva Heinsbroek, Rogier Timmermans
SOUND Jillis Schriel, Benny Jansen, Sander den Broeder, Sam Huisman
SOUND DESIGN Jeroen Goeijers
MUSIC Juho Nurmela
COLOUR GRADING Xandra ter Horst
LINE PRODUCER Eline van Wees
COPRODUCER Jelle Peter de Ruiter (KRO-NCRV), Yolande van der Blij (KRO-NCRV)
PRODUCER Simone van den Broek (Basalt Film)