DEAR DESTINY - Or the rise of our perfect selves / Afscheid van het Lot (NL)
A film by Marc Schmidt
To give stress, anxiety and other mental problems no chance, three people try to detect and combat abnormalities in their daily life as early as possible. Through long-term observations Marc Schmidt investigates the necessity and possibilities of prevention. Which behavior do we consider normal and which abnormal? What does a world look like in which our ideal self is the norm?
While making a film about the family of her brother, who lives or survives on the fringes of society, the life of the family and that of the filmmaker is turned upside down by an unexpected turn. How do you relate to your family when things happen that are unthinkable and who is ultimately responsible?
De Verdwaalden
A film by Hester Overmars
A documentary about how Erdal Balci, a Turkish-Dutch writer, his search for self-liberation mirrors the struggle between the secular and the religious in the Netherlands and Turkey.
lijnbaan 109
a film by Gülsah Dogan
Part of Ammodo documentary series / by Carin Goeijers
With music, text and image composer Michel van der Aa composes interdisciplinary compositions that question huge themes as humans vs. machines, the truth and our consciousness . What fears, fascination and beliefs do drive Michel as an artist and as a human being?
The Underground Astronaut
Part of Ammodo documentary series / by Marleine van der Werf
Since she was a child, evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers has been fascinated by the invisible world beneath our feet. The fungal networks that determine how plants and trees on earth will nutrients above ground.