news: 13 July 2017

farewell paradise awarded grant from npo-fonds

Our new production, 'Farewell Paradise', directed by Sonja Wyss, has been awarded a grant from NPO-fonds. The committee agreed upon this unanimously. Farewell Paradise is about the search for a truth within a broken family. The film shows one shared history but from 6 different perspectives, 6 different stories emerge.

news: 9 July 2017

Grey Matter wins award at Pärnu Filmfestival

Last night, 'Grey Matter' by Jan Louter won the award for best medical documentary at Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in Estonia. In Grey Matter we follow two neurosurgeons during the treatment of various patients with brain disorders.

news: 2 July 2017

Grey Matter to Estonia

Grey Matter got selected for Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival. The film will be screened this coming Wednesday 5th of July at 17 o'clock in in Pärnu, Estonia.

news: 3 June 2017

Clemens Dirven en Jan Louter te gast bij BNR nieuwsradio

Clemens Dirven, hersenchirurg in het Erasmus MC, was gisteren middag samen met regisseur Jan Louter te gast bij BNR Nieuwsradio om te praten over de documentaire 'Hersenleed'. Luister het hier terug!

news: 3 June 2017

Jan Louter te gast bij VPRO nooit meer slapen

Regisseur Jan Louter was gisteravond te gast bij VPRO Nooit Meer Slapen​ naar aanleiding van de nieuwe documentaire 'Hersenleed'. Luister de uitzending hier terug!

news: 31 May 2017

Neurosurgeon Arnaud Vincent at 'langs de lijn en omstreken'

Last night, neurosurgeon Arnaud Vincent was a guest at Langs de Lijn en Omstreken. He spoke about the treatment of Steven Ferber, who was woken up during the operation in order to speak with his wive, Tosca, over the phone to map his brainactivitiy. The film 'Grey Matter' will be broadcasted this Monday at 20:25 on NPO2.

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