Bosnian Girl
a film by Tea Tupajić

BOSNIAN GIRL tells the story of a year spent together by four Dutchbat veterans and director Tea Tupajić for the purpose of the creation of Tupajić theatre performance "DARK NUMBERS". The film takes its title from the graffiti "Bosnian girl" found in the Dutchbat camp in Potočari, in the vicinity of Srebrenica, which had a huge impact on the director.

BOSNIAN GIRL is a maturation of the director as both an artist and a person. Besides that it is a film of empowerment as it shows how Bosnian women are more than victims of this history and can become the protagonists instead. The film comes from an understanding that to inscribe guilt or blame onto someone, is to deny oneself the power. It serves to show that we can confront the controversial question face to face and that we can own and rewrite our own stories.

It is a closure of the past, a healing and a construction of a new future.

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In coproduction with IKON.