a film by Hester Overmars

In 2019, the Artemis Quartett exists for 30 years. All this time they have played at the world top. During their performances, the Quartett functions as one body, perfectly attuned to one another. At the same time, this string quartet experienced a turbulent past of player changes. The biggest tragedy of all is the passing of their beloved viola-player Friedemann Weigle in 2015. An incident that easily could have meant the end of a top quartett like this one. However, the Artemis Quartett seems to have found a new balance after barely two years.

How is it possible that the Artemis Quartett has been able to play at the world top for 30 years, despite the various player changes? Continuously transforming itself from 4 separate individuals into one musical entity?

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In collaboration with 24classics and the Dutch broadcaster NTR.

With the support of: NPO Fund.